Before we can properly access your case, you will need to call our offices and speak to Ron Allan. Ron is our Administrative Coordinator. He will briefly explain the call assessment process where you will get to speak to several senior members of our team for a 30-minute assessment call. We will discuss your specific questions and give you strategic options to move forward and officially retain our company. We would prefer to have the following documents presented to us for review if they are available, prior to the assessment call:

  • RAP Sheet (Record of Arrests and Prosecutions)
  • PSR – Pre-Sentence Investigation Report (Federal and most States)
  • Plea Agreement or Trial Transcript
  • Sentencing Transcript
  • Judgement Documents and Statement of Reasons
  • Probation, Parole or Supervised Release Documents
  • Other material or alternative documents may be needed depending on the stage, scope and complexity of your specific case. You may or may not be in possession of any of these documents if you have just been indicted, arrested or registered with Pre-Trial Services. Once retained, our experts will coordinate with your authorized representative to get a copy of them when and if they are available.
  • All cases accepted by our team are on a retainer (fee) basis. The amount of our retainer is determined by such factors as the complexity of your case, professional hours to be devoted to it and the number of experts to be retained in order to best address the situation that confronts you.
  • Our retainer agreement clearly spells out the scope of our responsibilities and duties to be performed by our team of experts to maximize the outcome of your case. Our fees are not refundable.
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